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We offer a full range of tyres from 10″ to 24″, there are many options and prices available, drop us an email or call us and we can help with fast, friendly advise, we will require the tyre size which is located on the face of each tyre to ensure an accurate price.

Prices include fitting and balancing, a wheel alignment is recommended if 2 or more tyres are fitted to insure they provide optimal performance and safety.

Wheel balancing

If your car feels like it’s got the shakes, you may well have one or more unbalanced wheels. This can cause uneven tread wear, flat spots in your tyres and even permanent vibration.

Luckily, getting your wheels balanced at Brian’s Auto Centre can easily fix this. Not only will it reduce driver fatigue and motion sickness, but it can also help increase fuel economy and make your tyres, steering and suspension systems last the distance.

You should always get your wheels balanced when:

  • You notice unusual vibrations in your steering wheel.
  • Your car shakes at certain speeds.
  • New tyres have recently been fitted.
  • A tyre has been removed from its rim.
  • You notice any irregular tyre wear.

Wheel Alignment

Why do a Wheel Alignment?

Correct wheel alignment is a major determinant of how much life you get out of your tyres. You should have your alignment checked;

  • When fitting new tyres
  • Every twelve months or 20,000 kilometres, (whichever comes first).
  • After accident repairs or replacement of any steering or suspension parts.

Warning signs that alignment is in need of adjustment include;

  • Irregular tyre wear – on front or rear tyres
  • Heavy steering
  • Vehicle wandering and hard to keep in a straight line
  • Excessive road shock being felt through the steering wheel
  • Vehicle steering wheel not returning to centre

Correct Alignment will;

  • Save excessive uneven and premature tyre wear
  • Save Fuel
  • Enhance cornering and general handling
  • Reduce driver fatigue.
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